New Year Special The Himalayan Resort Cottage, 2N for 15000/-

Welcome drinks on arrival, Fruit Basket in each cottage, Accommodation in well appointed cottages, Daily Breakfast and Dinner, Complimentary tea and coffee maker in cottages, Guided nature walks, Cultural evening with local folk dances. Complimentary pickup or Drop from Bhunter Airport or Bus Stand. Evening bonfire. Wine & barbeque included on new year evening. D.J. night on new year evening party.





If anything is more exciting than watching a fishing rod being bent to its limit by a hungry fish, it is
watching a youngster grab that rod and fight the fish to the finish. We offer the opportunity for angling
in the river parvati and its supporting rivers which have plenty of fishes including the famous trout’s of



“The sound builds to a squelchy rumble as the bike hurtles downhill and into view, the rider’s face
covered by a full helmet. Then all you can hear is a wheel spinning as the tires roll over a rock and launch into the air, until the bike lands in mud and swerves out of sight through the trees.” This is mountain biking. Mountain biking entails the sport of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, whether riding specially equipped mountain bikes or hybrid road bikes.


The mountain serves as nature’s roller coaster for anyone willing to ride it. Once at the top, there is that
first stomach-dropping sight of the mountain. While absorbing the vast landscape, you listen to your
heart beat somewhere inside your throat. ….



Sometimes the most profound experiences can result from the simplest acts. A quiet walk in the country
can completely change one’s attitude. A Nature Walk can be relaxing and revitalizing. Getting out in the
natural world can help us to understand our place in the universe.


Rock climbing, although often considered by non-climbers to be a reckless, dangerous, “thrill-seeking”
sport, is not only a safe and fun way to push oneself to one’s physical and mental limits; climbing also
presents an excellent incentive to seek out some of the most beautiful places in the world in search of
some fresh rock.


Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport, one that often tests a climber’s strength,
endurance, agility, and balance along with his or her mental control. This activity is designed for
beginners and no climbing experience is necessary.


An Open Air Barbeque adds to the jungle atmosphere; fulfill your epicurean desires at Fire, reminiscent of a jungle barbeque with a serene, romantic and casual mood. Barbeques are a great way to enjoy delicious smoked food, good company and lovely weather.

If you want to discover a new way to experience adrenaline, try climbing or rappelling, or better both!
With heights above 100 feet, you will enjoy these exciting activities within the most rigorous safety and
quality guidelines. Come and give yourself a challenge. If you are a rock climbing amateur or just want to practice for rock climbing this wall is the perfect place to train safely.

Perhaps one of the best ways to see the outdoors from a new perspective is rafting through the most
beautiful places in the world.


If you like to paddle, we will treat you to a rafting adventure you will rave about for years. Go home
with once-in-a-lifetime sights of the river etched in your memory. You’ll dig deep for the energy to
power your raft through rapids, and even deeper on your personal quest to reconnect with nature.


You can enjoy an open Jeep Safari in the Himalayas. Jeep Safari makes the tour more adventurous. It
helps explore the unexplored parts of the Himalayan Mountains. Dust, dirt and rough paths are part and parcel of the live jeep safari experience.


You wouldn’t like to wait for the spectacular beauty and action that unfolds gradually.

Trekking is by far the best way to enjoy the true himalayan glory as it give you an opportunity to see the
mountains and the lives of the people of mountains very closely..


Trekking in Himalayas offers adventure like no other, it’s a great way to spend your time and enjoy
walking through beautiful nature. We offer numerous treks around the Himalayan village ranging from a days hike to ten days treks.

Agri Touirsm
Agri tourism, where the guest staying at the resort are taken to the fruit orchards and made to experience and indulge in various day to day operations in the orchards. It could be picking your own fruits , getting involved in the day to day works. The beautiful apple orchards in Himachal Pradesh are a popular travel attraction of the state. While in HP a visit to these beautiful apple gardens is a must as here you can get to know more about the cultivation process along with enjoying the panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges at the backdrop.


Recreational fruit picking, is an extremely popular family friendly past-time here at’ the himalayan village’. The guest are given plucking baskets and are charged per basket. This unique experience besides giving them a thrill of picking fruit themselves gives them a chance to know the people and their culture first hand.

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